Which is easier and pays more? Radiology or RN?

I’m thinking about changing my degree plan from nursing to radiology. I’m at community college so I can only earn a associates degree right now. I don’t think nursing is right for me because I don’t want to be around the public much. But I’ve heard from a radiologist that the school work is much harder than nursing, but the pay is about the same. Is this true? PLEASE e-mail me and share your opinions. Mrs_Bloom08@yahoo.com

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  1. Radiology techs might make as much as nurses, but radiologists have an MD, 8 years of college, 4-5 more years of training, and make far, far more than a nurse.

  2. RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT) says:

    Both have their stresses – it depends on where you work. RNs make a bit more than radiologic technologists (radiologists are doctors). All rad techs do is work with the public though!