My Doctor suddently stopped my pain meds, what do I do?

Hi, I have severe chronic pain. Lupus (which attacks the joints), severe fibromyaligia, knee arthritis, neuromas(pinched nerves) in both feet, arthritis in my back and more. I can’t function normally without pain meds. He has been prescribed vicodin for five years, no problem. Suddenly his brother joins his practice and brings along his nurse from hell. She rudely calls me and says, “you obviously have a drug problem, you need to go to pain management.” I was shocked. Somethings happened and I’m at a loss. I have no medical insurance to pay for pain management! They want 380.00 just for a consultation!. So, now i don’t know what to do. It would eat least be easier if he would taper my dose down until I figure out what to do but no, he just completely cut me off without warning. So, what can I do? please help!

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  1. 5 years of vicodin – yeah, you obviously have a drug problem, and if its secondary to a medical condition, its still a drug problem. And pain management IS where you go to be tapered off…

    Good Luck. You have my sympathy – but drug addiction IS a medical condition, and like any other medical condition, it needs to be addressed. Your doctor should have never prescribed you those meds for that long in the first place, so don’t blame his new partner.

  2. wasacon says:

    well anyway you look at it, you need another doctor now. Cant you get back in to see your old doc and work on a pain management program with him/her? Probably not so you need a new doc.

    If you have been taking the same dose of vidodin for 5 years, you have built up a tolerance to it and it is doing you very little good at this point, for your actual pain.

    Go online and look for free or lowcost health clinics in your area. first and foremost you need a new doc.