Does the US Post Office forward Social Security checks?

My dad recieves disability and lives in a nursing home. All of his mail goes to me. I recently moved and SS has the new address but i still havent recieved his check. Are checks from SS forwarded in the mail? I need to deposit it soon to pay for the nursing home for the month. I signed him up for direct deposit but it wont kick in for a couple of months.

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  1. de viking says:

    1. go to direct deposit — why would u not do this — it is a free thing that banks do for you
    2. suggest u call SS and see what address they are sending the check to — also then go through the direct deposit

  2. shitakemushroom says:

    Why have you waited so long to sign up for direct deposit? Call the social security office and ask them your question.

  3. ALFimzadi says:

    I do not believe so. I believe all government checks, such as Social Security, Tax Refunds, etc, all must be received at the address they were sent to or else they will be returned and you will have to advise the Social Security admin. of your new address so that they may issue you a new check.

  4. gimpalomg says:

    I think ALF may be incorrect. I just checked the envelope my Veteran’s Disability comes in and it clearly directs the Postmaster to forward the check. It may be the VA is the only on that does it though. I just don’t know.

    BTW, there are valid reasons not to use direct deposit. I don’t for my disability because it is not community property. No one can touch it unless I allow it to be deposited into a joint account then it becomes my wife’s just as much as it is mine.