Can I become a RN with an associates degree in nursing?

I was going to get my bachelors but then I started reading that’s mainly for people who want to go into management, which I would prefer not to, and all pay is typically close to the same for new RNs with a associate or a bachelors.

What nurse gets paid more?

Pediatric Nurse, Surgical Nurse, E.R. Nurse, E.R Nurse Practitioner? Which gets paid more?

Am I wrong for asking my Mom for a salary to take of my 76 yrs. old grandmother who has Alzheimer’s?

Well I moved back home with my aunt because of marriage problems. My aunt was my grandmother caretaker and she died last month. Which left me with the responsibly of taking care of granny because her other 3 kids lives are just more important. I asked my mom for a salary to take care of […]

list of nursing homes in the orlando fl area?

Looking for cook employment in the healthcare industry.

I read about travel nursing, and it sounds great, but is there something similar for Physician Assistants?

The opportunity for move around and good pay makes travel nursing attractive to me. I really like the way the system is set up. However, I was thinking of going straight for a PA degree without becoming a nurse (maybe working in a lower position while working on B.A. to get hands-on hours needed). Is […]

diagnosed with heart failure,pulmonary edima.I am 56 overweight,what are my chances of survival, improvement?

I have been suffering from shortness of breath for 3 years, which got slowly worse. It was always explained with a worsening of the asthma, and with being about 40-50kg overweight.X-rays showed nothing unusual. 10 days ago,I went to the hospital,in thailand, where I currently live,because shortness of breath worsened.My x-rays showed water on the […]

Where can i turn for help?

I had an industrial injury at my place of employment, my foreman refused to write up an accident report but told me to go ahead and go to the doctors. I went to the doctors and the comp nurse came out and told me that my HR (human resource person) said they refuse to cover […]

I dunno which branch of the military to join?! Please help!?

I am a 21 year old female, and I am very concerned about the fact that I will have bills to pay while in the military because I don’t want to run into debt while in boot camp/basic training! That is the only thing stopping me, but I hear about enlistment bonuses, etc. But I […]

PA Labor Law Question?

My fiancé works as an RN in a nursing home. Two days ago, she went on a mandatory business trip to a health care seminar. She was out of the house for 14 hours that day – 8 hours at the seminar and 6 hours driving time. When she submitted her hours at work, they […]

What is a usual salary for a medical coder in Massachusetts?

I’m looking for a job in medical coding, I recently finished my education in the field and want to know what I should be getting. Any specific information would be helpful. Thanks!