where would an LVN get the higher pay? Hosp., Nursing home, Home Health?


my cousins and i dont even talk any more, since their parents died recenlty(father- few months ago, mother-last year), it’s all screwed up, about their parents life insurance money,should i forgive my cousins(13,18,19) for doing everything wrong, by letting my poor uncle suffer. My uncle was suffering with HIV/Aids, my cousins sent them to a […]

Older sister not allowing me to talk to my elderly mom?

When older sister wrote emails stating she wanted us to not inform of how she, older sister, was managing mom’s money for her care, I was concerned. Younger sister has a police report against her or allegedly writing a forged check. She’s insisting mom has dementia and that mom actually signed the ,000 check. But […]

How often will hospitals pay for nursing school?

I know of quite a few people getting at least half their tuition payed for by a hospital in order to work there after they graduate. How commom/hard is this to do? I could really use the financial help thanks for the answers.

Can you live on a Licensed Practical Nurse’s Salary? LPN?

Could you live in a house, apartment, etc. I know it depends on where you’re working. So where do you have to work to live on that?

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s long sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Okay, I’m a 21 y/o female and have been taking meds for depression and anxiety. I’m going to talk to the nurse pract at my university today on the phone. I’m def going to request she taper me off my current meds paxil and wellbutrin they’re not working. I’m sicker than before. I’ve missed a […]

I want to be a LPN or a RN??? How do I pull it off? Also, what is the average salary of a LPN or RN?

I know you have to be a CNA first, but is there any on line classes or tow-year classes that you can take? If, not what other kind of nurse or care-provider could I be with a two-year degree?

Do I Have A Lawsuit For My Chronic Back Pain?

I am a 43-year-old woman. Ten years ago, I woke up one day with pain in my hip. After seeing my primary doctor, I was sent to an orthopedic who told me it was a disc problem at L4-5, even though the pain was in my hip. After doing several procedures to see if they […]

What is the base hourly wage or pay for a BSN in Bridgeport,CT?

What is the start pay for a nurse with a bachelor degree (BSN) and a 3.4 GPA with less than a year of experience in the Fairfield County area? Hourly rate or salary. Reply only if extremely positive about your answer.

Health Care Reform on Medical Workers Salaries?

I’m currently deciding on colleges Ect, and I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field. I already am aware undergrad is a big debt to take on, and medical school a bigger one. With this reform, what does it honestly mean for the salaries of doctors? Before anyone goes off flaming on how its […]