Are you experienced with salaries in the medical office field? How much am I worth? See Details.?

I am not currently in the medical field. I have 2 vocational certificates, one in Computer Networking, and the other in Business Office Administration. I have over 5 years experience in general office management, marketing, and information technology. I have been offered a position with a small medical practice (one doc, one office manager – […]

The Ups and Downs of Nursing?

My girlfriend is still studying uni and working part time as a nurse, she has told me she has been sexually harrassed a number of times at work by patients. What the hell kind of job is this? Why do people do this kind of work? Do nurses like: The long hours? Working stupid hours […]

Are there any companies that offer aid to Russian work visa holders to help them cover the cost of flight?

I have a russian friend in moscow and she is a nurse she has completed all of the required tests and she had tp pay for all of themwith her own money but now she also has a job lined up over here in the states but she has not enough money for the flight […]

what location is more practical, a fresh start, and ultimately would not bore me over time?

Next year, God’s will, will be one of the most accomplishing years of my life. My husband and I will have been married for over3 years, and our daughter would be 2 by then. But, most excitingly, we will have owned our home for 3 years allowing us the opportunity to move without having to […]

Nurse training/teaching Manikins?

This is a bit long, but please bear with me, b/c I really your need help. I know that this is going to sound like a phsyco question, but I need to know. Does ANYONE know where I can buy the above decribed manikins? I’m a nursing student (first semester) and I am looking to […]

What is a short term training career that pays good?

What is a short term training career that pays good? I heard radiology technician, respiratory therapy technician, RN nurse, all this can be completed in a couple of years and are very rewarding professionally and $$$, is anyone taking or planning to take this type of training, what do you think so far?

What’s your opinion on the Obama Health Care?

Just a few facts from the Obama/Dem. house Bill: 1. “Free” health care for illegal aliens, paid for by you. 2. Government required counseling for senior regarding end of life decisions 3. Goverment dictates which doctors may write end of life orders 4. Government funded abortions 5. Government funded embryonic stem cell research 6. Small […]

Need a loan to help pay for rent while in nursing school?

I’m a nursing student and I have a part time job, the stafford loan is paying for my tuition this year but in the spring I will began clinicals and I will probaly have to quit my job in order to devote all my time to school. I have researched almost all of the lenders […]

Does anyone know of any Registered Nursing schools that pay full tuition?

Hi, I am considering becoming a registered nurse. I have heard some schools are in such need for male nurses that they will pay all tuition if the student agrees to work there a few years after passing the exams. Does anyone know of any schools in the US in any state that offer this […]

Nurse Practitioner Salary?

Hello, Any NPs out there that can tell me the starting salary of NPs? I have my BSN in nursing, and now am obtaining my MSN in Pediatric Critical Care (at an ivy league school). I hope to work in either NYC or Bay Area of California. Any ideas? Any advice for a soon to […]