What tools are a must have for home improvement?

I’m moving into my first home and want to purchase good quality tools that I’ll be using to build a new wall, tear down an old one, refinish some cabinets and things like that. What brand of tools should I go with and what specific tools do you suggest?

Medical field salaries in Seattle?

I spoke to an occupational therapist recently who said that salaries in the medical field, like OTs and physicians, are pretty low in the Northwest compared to other regions of the country. Is this true?

What is the average salary for Medical Assistants in Florida?

On average, how much is a Medical doctor paid in USA yearly?

I am doing a debate , and I want some differences in the salaries of medical doctors in countries WITH government-run health care and with NOT government-run health care. Thanks. Well, you’re right. It depends on specialty. Let’s say M.D as the degree level.

Is getting a Home Theater Power Center important to have?

I’m planning on upgrading to a 60″ plasma TV,Amplifier,and Blu-Ray HD player.I also would be connecting 2 powered speakers with built-in sub-woofers and a DVD/VCR recorder.Would getting one of those 8 outlet power centers that sell at Best Buy,etc. for around 2- 3 hundred dollars make any improvement in the quality of the picture and/or […]

How soaring treatment costs for illegal immigrants put families and hospitals in a bind what say you?

More than two dozen medical staples hold together the left side of Orlen Rosales’ head after he was struck by a train on July 4, his family says. Few thought the 26-year-old Honduran would survive, but doctors and nurses at Carolinas Medical Center have worked nonstop to save him. After weeks close to death, he’s […]

Employment types connected to nursing.?

Describe different types of employment connected to nursing. (My guess: what employment opportunities are available to nursing majors – upon graduating). This is an assignment question that I’m struggling with. Hope someone could steer me in the right direction. If anyone could give me examples as well, that’d be a great help. Thanks!

Finding a quality home improvement contractor?

Help! Are there any tools to help locate a quality contractor? as a side note I live in the US

i would like to become a nurse and travel to places such as africa and help out in the world but for that…?

i was wondering if you would still be getting paid? money is not important to me but i know i would need to be getting paid to support myself. would that type of job be volunteering to help out there or can you actually get paid jobs?

Agree or Disagree, Triple H’s Entrance is the perfect thing to look to on a SVR game for Quality Improvements?

Like when buyers of the game who dont watch wrestling so much, Is Triple H’s entrance the first thing to look into for how great the quality is? The Water , The Spit, The Hair, The Muscles.