I have a question about Nursing school?

I am currently going back to school to become a nurse just after having a baby. I am going into the labor and delivery unit. What are the nursing hours like Pay etc? How much do LVN’s make and how much do RN’s Make? and what is an LPN? right now I am planning to […]

what location is more practical, a fresh start, and ultimately would not bore me over time?

Next year, God’s will, will be one of the most accomplishing years of my life. My husband and I will have been married for over3 years, and our daughter would be 2 by then. But, most excitingly, we will have owned our home for 3 years allowing us the opportunity to move without having to […]

I had a home improvement contractor did poor workmanship and poor quality materials. Should I sue him?

It been a year since the contract been signed and most of the work done. I gave him 26,000 for upgrades in my home. I got a new 12 x 6 deck, three counter tops cultured marble laminate counter tops, laminant counter top for kitchen a new front door, an air condition, and water heater. […]

what is the average salary for a medical marijuana Budtender?

i am interested in enrolling in Oaksterdam University. I want to take a Budtending class. So, I would like to know what the average salary is.

A parent lives in a nursing home, all expenses paid by the state&VA. How much is expected of the adult child?

My father has endless needs and is very co-dependent. He didn’t take care of his diabetes and went blind and is on dialysis. Besides not being a person I particularly like, his needs go far beyond what I can handle, so he is in a nursing home. One of the nurses in charge of him […]

What kind of salary should a CNA and a LPN make, and is it better to work at a hospital or nursing home?

I am a CNA right now and I will be going on to LPN this spring. I have not worked anywhere yet so I have only clinical experience and I was woundering what kind of salary I should expect to recieve as a CNA and what I should expect as a LPN. I was also […]

Does anyone have any information on air ambulances for ‘critical’ patients in nursing homes? From TAS to QLD?

My father in law suffered a major stroke in January of this year in Tasmania. He was in hospital until March and was then placed in a high care nursing home facility in a smaller town about 30 mins away from where he originated. My partner and I reside in Brisbane and before the stroke, […]

paying for nursing school?

i am fixing to begin my journey through nursing school, however the money i was approved for (pell grant n student loan) only covered my tuition n nothing more. how do i go about applying for more educational assistance? can i apply for more than 1 student loan per academic yr? i have already applied […]

does it matter where one attends nursing school for a bsn?

and what is the avg. starting salary for a male nurse? sign-on bonuses?

what isa good hospital pay job that only require a community college or certificate or even no experience.?

yes the main jobs i see that are hiring in the area are: Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy, Radiography tech, Practical Nursing, Occupational asst, surgical tech, coder, rn. yes i do know rn nurse make more but i wan toknow what job is always looking for applicants like job growth more an pay more thank you.