Does a felony DUI (resisting arrest) keep me from going into the nursing field & finding employment?

I was arrested 15 years ago, and am trying to better my life.

Landlord’s legal right to limiting personal property purchases in California (Disabled child involved)?

My husband and I moved into a very large home with my daughter and her husband 3 years ago because my grandson (age 6) was born with kidney disease and has a need for lots of care. He also has immune deficiency so he is home schooled and we limit his contact with the public. […]

What kind of pre-employment background checks do hospitals normally run?

how detailed? in NJ if that helps and for a tech or nursing assistant position

What is the salary range for Registered Nurses in New Zealand ?

Approximately what is the starting salary for nurses?

for either 2 or 4 year degree

I’m considering a career in health care?

I’m exploring some of the careers that are in the health care field that I could go into after completing a two year program at a community college. I’m not really sure what career I want to go into,(possibly radiology, physical therapy assistant, or nursing?) but ideally I would like a career with reasonable pay […]

Which career is better medical assistants or a CNA ?

salary? demand? and whats life like for both?

medical field salaries?

Which ones generally pay the most? pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, podiatrists, general practice, etc.

Does anyone know about business or places of employment that has a massage therapist on staff?

I mean like bank’s hospital’s nursing homes places like that and does anyone work at a place that has them on staff

Hunter’s wives – please tell me I’m not the only one…?

Surely I am not the only wife who lives a life revolving around an obsessed hunter. I need to hear your stories. Did I know the hubby was a hunter when I married him…sure. It was a “hobby” 17 years ago. That hobby developed in to …..a passion….in to an obsession….and now it is INSANITY. […]